Product Liability Policy

Product Liability Policy
Dear Customer
If You buy any of the products from our store. You agree to follow safety instructions and follow instructions how to use products!
Any Customer who bought any product from our store responsible for own life and customer responsible for any injury using any products.
Our store doesn't responsible for any products, or customer and buyers (people) who will buy this product from our store and if any injury, death, or personal injury will occur. Our store doesn't responsible for customers! For any injury, death, or personal injury.If the customer didn't use the product correctly, if customer don't use the product properly, if the customer didn't follow safety instructions how to use the equipment-customer has own responsibility for any damage,injury,death, or personal injury!
Any people who purchased any through our store, or from us (shop large), agree to be responsible for own life, for any injury,death,personal injury, or damage.
If the customer doesn't agree with our policy! Customer don't have to buy from our store!

For any additional questions please call customer support center 1-800-261-3520